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Yoga Pull Strap Belt

Yoga Pull Strap Belt

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This Stretch strap is perfect for Physical therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, workout warming up
  • VERSATILITY YOGA STRAP: Helpful in both dynamic warm-up before yoga and other sports and daily stretching routine. Massage and Stretch Muscle and Joint, Improve flexibility and range of motion, Allows you to withstand intensive exercise and decreases injuries


  1. Correct shrug, arched back, and bent spine.
  2. Corrects dance postures, improving body flexibility.
  3. Good for coordination and balance development and endurance training.
  4. Help train your muscles effectively.
  5. 8 loops design, provides ample room and resistance for choice, meets your needs.
  6. Perfect for men and women fitness training, like yoga, squat, knee raising, Pilates, muscle stretching, gymnastics and etc.
  7. Good elasticity, long service life, for daily training use.




Elastic band material: Nylon + Latex

Color: Pink black, pink white, yellow black, red black

Weight: 75g

Package includes:1 * Yoga elastic band※ 


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